Domain Name Renewal Scams

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These are not new, but we would like to make our customers aware of the potential for them to receive scam domain name renewal letters or notices.  These are usually sent to the postal address on record associated with the domain, and look very formal or official, but can also take an email-based format.

Letters such as this are entirely scams, and in fact usually become authorities to transfer your domain to another company as outlined in the very small print – companies whom won’t have your DNS records, and your website and email services are very likely to break in a short time.

MG IT Hosting will never send you a printed letter to your home or postal address.  All our communication is performed electronically, and our renewal notices will have our logo, verificable links and a PDF invoice attached, if and where appropriate.  We will also never ask you for your login or email address unless through our Customer Portal at – which will always have the padlock indicating you are on a secure site.

If you ever have any concerns or questions about this or any other aspect of your email, website or personal information security online, you can contact our support team.

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